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"What's a Health Coach?"
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"The coming of the Health Coach revolution"
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"Institute for Integrative Nutrition: Fixing the Global Health Crisis, one Health Coach at a Time"
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"Joshua Rosenthal: Nutrition Education Revolutionary"
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"The 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness 2013"
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"Can a Health Coach Help You Achieve a Healthy Life Balance?"
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"The Ripple Effect"
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Integrative Nutrition Grads in the News

Robyn Youkilis

"How to Stick to Your Diet at Work"

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Maria Marlowe

"Maria Marlowe on what it means to be a health coach today"

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Madeline Eyer

"7 Phrases on Food Labels You Should Look Out For, Because Packaging Can Be Misleading"

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Tammi Hoerner

"What’s Up With That Food: Nutmeg"

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Claire Campanella

"5 Ways You’re Destroying Your Self Confidence"

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Lisa Consiglio Ryan

"What A Plant-Based Health Coach Eats to Fuel Her Day"

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